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Welcome to the team, Marie-Andrée Giroux.

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Welcome to Marie-Andrée Giroux, a 2nd-year medical student at the Centre de formation médicale du N.-B. Marie-Andrée is doing a summer research internship with Pamela Tanguay, a PhD candidate in the Health Sciences Research Program, and under the supervision of Pr Mathieu Belanger. Marie-Andrée is working on the project entitled « Essai pragmatique contrôlé randomisé de promotion de l’Activité physique Post Réadaptation cardiaque en s’Exerçant chez Soi (APRES Study) ». More specifically, her internship focuses on exploring the acceptability of the hybrid cardiac rehabilitation program compared to the traditional program among healthcare professionals at the Vitalité Health Network.

Marie-Andrée holds a PhD in biology from Université Laval, as well as a postdoctorate in biology from Université du Québec à Rimouski and Université de Moncton. She was an assistant professor at Université de Moncton and holder of the Research Chair in Environmental Sciences and Sustainable Development until 2020, as well as a manager at Fisheries and Oceans Canada until 2021. She began her medical studies in 2021 to develop a practice guided by the principles of social justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. She is particularly interested in promoting healthy lifestyle habits to foster good physical and mental health. The IMPACTSLAB team is delighted to welcome you, Marie-Andrée.