Laboratoire d’Investigations sur les Mécanismes et Prédicteurs de liens entre Activités physiques, autres Comportements et Trajectoires de Santé

We’re recruiting!

We Recruit:

  • Masters level students*
  • Doctorate level students*
  • Postdoctoral fellowships
  • Research coordinators and analysts

Salary awards offered:

Variable depending on the strength of the applicant’s profile, the project chosen, and the availability of funds.

In addition to the admission requirements of the Université de Sherbrooke’s health sciences research program, candidates wanting to join our team as students must also:

  • Have an excellent academic profile;
  • Possess excellent writing skills;
  • Have an interest in health-related behaviours, prevention of chronic diseases, and/or epidemiology;
  • Willing to pursue their studies from Moncton.

For more information on the health sciences research Masters (MSc) or Doctoral (PhD) programs offered by the Université de Sherbrooke (available from our laboratory in Moncton), please click the following link:

* International students interested in studying in Moncton, New Brunswick are invited to learn more about the admission process and immigration procedures beforehand. Please click on the following link to access the USherbrooke International website;

For more information on the possibility of joining our research team, contact us at