Laboratoire d’Investigations sur les Mécanismes et Prédicteurs de liens entre Activités physiques, autres Comportements et Trajectoires de Santé

Current Research


Repenser le sport / Rethink Sport
The Rethinking Sport project aims to provide a new set of tools to address the intersectional barriers faced by young athletes, particularly girls. As part of this major national initiative, IMPACTS Lab is responsible for developing a pan-Canadian data system on sport participation in Canada. The study is being led by a team of academics and community partners across Canada interested in re-imagining what an equitable, diverse and inclusive sport environment could look like. For more information…

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Étude MATCH – Monitoring Activities of Teenagers to Comprehend their Habits.
This longitudinal study, which began in 2011, aims to better understand how participation in sport and physical activity evolves during childhood and adolescence. For more information…


Linking the Heart with the Brain Through Physical Activity
This study aims to better understand the mechanisms by which cardiac rehabilitation (CR) may influence cognitive function. Studying these mechanisms will help healthcare professionals optimize physical activity interventions in a CR setting in the hope of attenuating the decrease of physical and cognitive function associated with cardiovascular disease. For more information…

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The role of physical activity on the cognitive health of older people with chronic diseases.
The objective of this project is to establish knowledge that will enable us to better promote the role of physical activity as a protective factor against physical and cognitive impairment. This initiative aims to adapt recognized physical activity programs to offer a tailored program to underserved members of the francophone community in northwestern New Brunswick. For more information…

AVEnir – Bringing an Evidence-Based Community Physical Activity Program to Francophone Minorities in New Brunswick.
This research project aims to facilitate the adoption of physical activity among francophone seniors living in rural New Brunswick, and to better understand the role of a community-based physical activity program on the physical and cognitive well-being of francophones. For more information…

Targeting Posture to Address Frailty Among People Living in Long-Term Care and In-Hospital.
The aim of this study is to investigate the impact of time spent in sedentary postures, whether sitting or bedridden, on frailty and cardiovascular health among people living in long-term care facilities and hospitalized patients. More information coming soon!

Impact of a Standing Desk Intervention on Blood Pressure Regulation and Cognitive Health

Standing desks are a popular occupational tool for reducing sedentary time at work, but the health impacts and their effectiveness in changing behavior are unclear. In this study, we use clinical trial designs to examine the effectiveness of a standing desk intervention. This study will lead to a better understanding of the usefulness of occupational strategies for modifying heart and brain health. More information coming soon!


This project evaluates the effectiveness of a new “hybrid” cardiac rehabilitation model in French-speaking minority communities. We evaluate whether a new hybrid mode of cardiac rehabilitation involving sessions in a cardiac rehabilitation center as well as at home results in better maintenance of physical activity levels six months after intervention. For more information…

Preventing Frailty in Hospital Through Mobilizing Patients: A Pilot RCT

This pilot randomized clinical trial tests the effectiveness of a Kinesiologist-led mobility program in hospital to help patients reduce their time in bed, frailty level, and shorten their length of stay. For more information…

Improving the Health of People with Acquired Brain Injuries Through Physical Activity and Mitigating Frailty.
In collaboration with Bedford Neurocommons, our team is conducting a randomized controlled trial implementing an 8-week education and exercise program for outpatients with acquired brain injury. We are testing the program to see if it can improve physical activity levels, cognitive health and frailty levels in outpatients. More information coming soon!

Impact of a Community-Based, Medical-Student Led Walk with a Future Doc Program
This study will evaluate the extent to which the Walk With a Future Doc program can improve frailty, social health and mental health in the elderly. Set up in collaboration with the YMCA, this walking and education program is run by medical students.  More information coming soon!

Prescription of physical activity during pregnancy


Physical Activity in Medicine
Although most doctors recognize that physical activity is associated with numerous therapeutic benefits, only a relatively small number prescribe it. Studies that fall under this research problem aim to identify ways in which to include physical activity prescription into the regular practice of family physicians, and evaluate the intervention effects of promoting and prescribing physical activity in clinical care units. For more information

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Diabetes Action Canada

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Health Start Study

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