Laboratoire d’Investigations sur les Mécanismes et Prédicteurs de liens entre Activités physiques, autres Comportements et Trajectoires de Santé

Diabetes Action Canada


The Training and Mentoring Program, of which Dr. Mathieu Bélanger and Dr. André Carpentier are principal investigators, develops and organizes training and mentoring opportunities for graduate students (Master’s and PhD), postdoctoral fellows, health professionals in the patient-oriented diabetes research sector. Training sessions are also offered in both official languages to patients, healthcare providers, researchers, policy makers and administrators. 


The Diabetes Action Canada (DAC) Training and Mentorship Program aims to strengthen Canada’s patient-oriented research capacity in diabetes and its complications. The goal of our group is to prepare the next generation of Canadian diabetes researchers for patient-oriented research methods that align with the four pillars of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).


Principal Investigators: André Carpentier et Mathieu Bélanger

Program Coordinator: Michelle Murray

These activities are coordinated with other Diabetes Action Canada Network working groups, such as the Patient Engagement Group and the Aboriginal Peoples Health Group, and in collaboration with partners such as CIHR, Diabetes Canada and the Cardiometabolic, Diabetes and Obesity Research Network of Québec (CMDO).


For more information, please contact Michelle Murray, DAC Training and Mentorship Program Coordinator by email at: or phone (506) 858.4175.