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End of IMPACTS Lab research internships for Caroline Gagnon and Marie-Andrée Giroux, Doctor of Medicine students at the Centre de formation médicale du Nouveau-Brunswick

by | Aug 30, 2023 | Uncategorized

The IMPACTS Lab team would like to thank Caroline Gagnon and Marie-Andrée Giroux for their contributions over the past few weeks to the research work underway at the Laboratory.

Caroline Gagnon worked with Prof. Saïd Mekari to better understand the hemodynamic and metabolic responses of the brain during physical activity: “The research internship enabled me to deepen my knowledge of the effect of exercise on slowing cognitive changes associated with aging. I also had the chance to test subjects using different devices that allow us to see the link between physical activity and the brain. I also carried out a literature review on concussions in athletes, which also enabled me to familiarize myself with the new guidelines on this subject. It’s an area of study that’s close to my heart. Finally, I particularly enjoyed learning more about the role of researchers in the healthcare system.”

As for Marie-Andrée Giroux, she worked mainly on the APRES study with Pr Mathieu Bélanger and Pamela Tanguay, a doctoral student in the health sciences research program at the Université de Sherbrooke: “I plan to continue collaborating on research projects as part of my medical practice, so this internship has been very useful for me, as it has given me the opportunity to broaden my skills by working on a research project based on qualitative methods. Until now, I had mainly used the quantitative approach. This experience enabled me to build on what I’d already acquired by providing me with additional tools to fuel my future collaborations. I particularly appreciated the warm welcome and positive atmosphere fostered by the IMPACTS Lab team. The social side of the team was present from the beginning to the end of my internship, from the lively lunch hours to the running club, and I feel privileged to have been able to expand my professional network via the stimulating contacts made within the team.“.

The team wishes you, ladies, an excellent third year in the medical program. We wish you all the best!